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Why you need a ‘Ta-daaaa List!’ (Jazz Hands Optional)
Guest post by Louise Miller

Why you Need a 'Ta-daa!' List. Jazz Hands Optional - Guest post by Louise Miller

You may remember Louise of BettyLouOnline writing an awesome guest post a while back about how to hold yourself accountable to get more done? Well she’s back! And this time the productivity EXPERT is here with a reminder of why it’s important to celebrate the victories in your day. No matter how small (or how […]

My Top 8 Energising Tricks for Homeworkers
To Power Through Your Day

8 Energising Tricks for Homeworkers | Tide & Tree | Nature-inspired stock photography teamed with a confidence boosting blog to elevate and enhance your beautifully unique brand |

Disclosure: There may be affiliate links in this post, which means I receive a small commission if you purchase anything through that link. There’s no cost to you, and I’d never leave you high and dry – everything I promote or suggest is because I love it myself! Do you often find you struggle to […]

5 Awesomely Productive Places to Work
That Aren't Coffee Shops

5 Awesomely Productive Places To Work (that are not a coffee shop!) © Tide & Tree

Today I’m sharing 5 awesomely productive places to work that are not your home or a coffee shop – because we all know both of these environments can get a little stale after a while. Read on if you’re looking for a change of scenery and a new place of work to add to your […]

Four Ways to Harness the Power of Accountability
Guest post by Louise Miller

4 Ways to harness the power of accountability (guest post by Louise Miller) © Tide & Tree

This week I’m handing the mic over to Louise of who simply BOSSES it when it comes to ticking off your to-do list with ease and intention. Today she’s going to talk us through the benefits of being accountable, four key ways to implement some accountability into your week, and how it can light […]

My 5 Super Mindful, Super Productive Daily Routines
For an awesome work week

My 5 Super mindful, super productive daily routines (for an awesome work week) © Tide & Tree

Hey everyone! (Or more realistically for my very first blog post…Hey Mum!) Well, it’s here! The Tide & Tree website has finally launched, and along with it, the first entry in the blog. I did debate with myself for a long time whether to even start a blog because, let’s be honest, there are blogs […]