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My top 5 winter subjects to photograph
Even with a smartphone!

5 Top Winter Subjects

There’s often a bit of a myth about the best time to head out with your camera for a spot of photography. There seems to be this idea that a bright, sunny summers day is the perfect time to shoot. Whilst it may be a great time to hike or be outdoors, it’s literally the […]

How to Create a Tiled Instagram Feed
Using Adobe Photoshop

Tiled IG feed using PS © Tide & Tree

I’ve had a few requests asking how I create my tiled IG feed. It’s a stunning feed pattern to use because you can create weeks worth of beautiful posts all ready to slot in together, and your feed will just look stronger and stronger the more you do it. (Unless you’re like me and you […]

10 Social Media Posts in Under 10 Minutes a Day
Create up to 95 posts a week!

10 Social Media Post Ideas | Tide & Tree | Nature-inspired stock photography teamed with a confidence boosting blog to elevate and enhance your beautifully unique brand |

Disclosure: There may be affiliate links in this post, which means I receive a small commission if you purchase anything through that link. There’s no cost to you, and I’d never leave you high and dry – everything I promote or suggest is because I love it myself! Do you find it’s really difficult to […]

7 Ways To Use Mock-Ups
For your marketing and social media

7 Ways to use Mock-Ups (for your marketing and social media) © Tide & Tree

So very often I see mock-ups being used in marketing and social media and you’ve probably seen them too – maybe sometimes you weren’t even aware it was a mock-up you were looking at! That’s because when used correctly, mock-ups can be incredibly valuable in showing off your ‘brand’ in a subtle yet powerful way. […]