3 Quick Tips For Creating Optimised Social Media Graphics

3 Quick Tips for Creating Optimised Social Media Graphics

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It isn’t frustrating when you finally nail down your design and are ready to show it to the world… only to find out that it comes out blurry or cut off when posted?

I know the struggle! With Facebook making changes to their platform almost daily and all other social media platforms tweaking things constantly, it can be hard to keep track of what is new and what dimensions you need to create the perfect online graphics.

You’re in luck! I will be sharing with you some tips on how you can save time (and frustration) when it comes to social media graphics. I’ll even share with you my favourite guiding tools I use myself, in my business.

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3 Quick Tips for Creating Optimised Social Media Graphics

1. Verify the dimensions before starting your design

I find this is the most frustrating when my graphic is completed only to find out that the dimensions are wrong. Before you start a graphic, verify the dimensions.

You can find dimensions by googling or by simply using a graphic design tool that offers templates and dimensions. I personally use and LOVE Canva.
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2. Optimise designs for both mobile and desktop

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the graphics, on all the platforms were all the same dimensions? To make it more fun (AKA challenging), most platforms have different dimensions for their desktop version and mobile version.

I often see these beautiful graphics (especially Facebook covers) on desktop but when I visit the same page from my phone, the graphic is often cut off. Knowing that you only have 4 seconds to make a first impression online, it’s important to have your graphics on point!

I was recently struggling with my YouTube channel art. It took me quite a few tries to get it right and it was such a waste of my time to try and figure out how to make it look great for each device. So I’ve created these guidelines to help my creation process and I am happy to share them with you.

You will find below two Facebook cover guidelines (Facebook pages + Facebook groups. Yes, there are two different dimensions) and one guideline for Youtube channel art.

Feel free to download these guides and upload them to Canva so you can refer to them as you design.TIP: Add the guides as a back layer, lock it, and create your design on top.

3. Blurry Images & Graphics

This happens often on Facebook. The reason is pretty simple. Facebook compresses most images and graphics that are posted on its platform.

So if you are using the right dimensions for your graphics and you find that they are blurry once posted, you might want to try to double, or even triple, the original pixel count.

FB post original dimensions: 940px X 788px
Double to: 1880px X 1576px
Triple to: 2820px X 2364px

This can be easily done in Canva is you have the Pro account.

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Make sure to save this blog post for future reference for your Canva and graphic designs! Any questions regarding Canva or graphic design in general? Feel free to reach out directly or join my Free FB Community.

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3 Quick Tips for Creating Optimised Social Media Graphics

About the author:

Mélissa is a Canva Certified Creative and Visual Content Creator + Strategist who loves to work with solopreneurs. She helps them achieve their visual goals easily (and fast) and saves them 10+ hours every week! Mélissa loves calligraphy, dancing and travelling but home to her and her 3 silly kids is Ottawa, Canada.


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