How To Get Multiple Images From A Single Stock Photo

Extend the shelf life and versatility of your stock images, whether they come from a freebie, a purchase or a membership plan, and get 3, 4, maybe even 5 times the value of the cost of a single stock image!

In this example, I’m going to show you how I got 6 additional images, out of one stock image.

The stock photo:

The 6 extra images I got from this one image:


By simply cropping, rotating and zooming in on the image in a variety of ways, you can get some really creative and unique stock photos for your marketing & social media.

Quick tip:

Make sure the image you’re cropping is at least 3000px x 2000px (if you open the image in your desktop image viewer, you should be able to click on File > Info or similar and see this information). This means you can usually get a few variations out of one image and the cropped images should be good enough quality for Social Media – providing you’ve not zoomed in too much or cropped too small.

(FYI: All the new images in the library come with both small and large versions to choose from, so you can get the large image if you want to dissect it! Find out more about the Tide & Tree membership here)


2 thoughts on “How To Get Multiple Images From A Single Stock Photo

  1. Jayne Leighton Herd says:

    Lovely, stylish photo and really great tips on how to get mileage out of your photo library.
    Particularly timely as I am just rethinking how I approach the style and layout of images on my instagram feed. @jayneleightonherd

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