How To Insert Your Designs Into Frame Mock-Ups

Easily insert your design into a frame mockup!

Need a quick and easy way to insert your artwork, quotes & designs into frame mock-up images?⁣⁣⁠⁣⁠ I’ve got you covered in just 6 easy steps, using Canva – which is free!⁣⁣⁠⁣

You ever see those beautiful photos showing gorgeous artwork or relatable quotes in a frame against a stunning backdrop and think, I wish I could create something like that for my brand?
Well you may be surprised to hear that 99% of the time they’re not custom photographed like that, but instead the creator has inserted their design into the frame space of stock photograph, and when done correctly it leaves you with a super-realistic high-end graphic to help your audience visualise your artwork in their home, or enhance the quote or message you’re sharing.
What’s even better is this process is not expensive or time-consuming (once you’ve done it a couple of times) and you don’t need a bachelors degree in design to pull it off.  Anyone with a (free) Canva account and access to some mock-up stock photos can do it! (Our members get access to all of our stock photos and mock-ups, but if you want, you can download this mini sample of frame mock-ups for free!)

So, let’s look at the 6 super easy steps to take your designs, quotes and artwork and insert it into a frame mock-up – rendering a realistic and high-end graphic – with ease!

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Easily insert your design into a frame mockup!


Upload to Canva both your frame mock-up image and your insert – which could be artwork or a quote.

Download a free set of 4 frame mock-ups here!

Insert Design Into Frame Mock-Up - Step One


Create a new document & place your mock-up image as the background by simply dragging it across.


Select a square grid – it should cover the whole document but don’t worry – your mock-up is still there.


Drag the sides until it fits within the space within the frame – making sure to keep the shadows visible for a realistic effect.


Now simply drag your insert into the grid and it will replace the placeholder image with your design!


For added realism, you can add a muted effect or reduce the brightness of the insert ever so slightly.

And voila! A professional looking mock-up for your artwork & quotes

Mock-Up Inspiration

need some inspiration?

Check out some other designs we put together!

Mock-Up Inspiration

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Easily insert your design into a frame mockup!

And there you have it! Six easy steps to high-end graphics.
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