7 Ways To Use Mock-Ups

7 Ways to Use Mockups

So very often I see mock-ups being used in marketing and social media and you’ve probably seen them too – maybe sometimes you weren’t even aware it was a mock-up you were looking at! That’s because when used correctly, mock-ups can be incredibly valuable in showing off your ‘brand’ in a subtle yet powerful way. And by ‘brand’ I mean so many different ways to showcase your business and what it does.

All too often I see missed opportunities for using mock-ups in marketing possibly because it feels like mock-ups are for designers or bigger companies. So today I wanted to share 7 different ways to use mock-ups for your social media and marketing to give you some fresh and new ideas for your content calendars!

Firstly, what is a ‘mock-up’?

Yeah we should probably start here. Very briefly then, a mock-up is an image that allows you to edit a content area to display your designs or messages whilst still leaving the rest of the image in-tact, looking realistic and brand-styled.

It can be a variety of things, be it a mock-up of a device such as an tablet or smartphone screen, it may be an empty frame to insert your design into, it might be business stationery or even blank product templates such as tote bags, mugs, takeaway food boxes, shampoo bottles – etc. You’ll see them on nearly every ‘product’ advertising billboard around town, and you’ll come across multiple mock-ups in magazines etc.

Obviously with larger companies both the background and mock-up design tend to be handled in-house. But smaller companies such as yourself can benefit from pre-done mock-ups available in a variety of places such as Creative Market, Etsy and individual stores (such as the Tide & Tree library!)

They can make your products or branding look super professional and ‘high-end’ without distracting from them.

They usually come as a layered file with just one area for you to edit and insert whatever you like – this is usually a ‘Smart Object Layer’. Often you’ll find other layers added for realism such as shadows and overlays. You can also use a simple flattened style stock image with a blank area such as a notebook, device screen or piece of paper as a form of mock-up! If you want to know how to insert your screenshots into device mockups – check out this post!

What are the benefits of mock-ups in your social media and marketing?

  • They are so easy to use and there’s loads of tutorials on how to use them
  • They can fit right in with your brand style and colours
  • The hard work of styling a photo is done for you, all you need to do is insert your key message
  • They make your business ‘pop’, and give your brand image that elevated, professional vibe
  • Often you can edit the photo background first to customise to your brand style and colours even more
  • And they’re reusable; you can repurpose them to your hearts content for a variety of brand marketing needs! (Subject to seller conditions of course)

So, here we are: 7 ways to use mock-ups

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7 Ways to Use Mockups


1: Product Showcasing

Be it a print in a frame, a design on a mug, a pattern on a notebook; whatever you design or create, you can show it off in style with a professional looking mock-up.


7 Ways To Use Mockups - Products & Designs


2: Branding

Whether it’s on packaging for a product or service you provide, or simply a unique way to show off your logo and reinforce your brand vision; by regularly (yet subtly) posting brand visuals through mock-ups, it helps potential customers recognise your brand right away and register interest.


7 Ways To Use Mockups - Branding
7 Ways To Use Mockups - Branding


3: Website

Showcase the launch of your website, online shop, sales page or clients site on a crisp device screen against a beautiful office background or desktop and entice customers to follow you, visit your site or subscribe by giving them a preview of whats in store.


7 Ways To Use Mockups - Websites & Opt-ins
7 Ways To Use Mockups - Websites & Opt-ins


4: Inspiring Quote, Design or Message

Who says frame mock-ups are just for fine art sellers? Get a beautiful and uplifting message inserted to delight your audience, or show off your latest font or watercolour pattern in a beautiful frame against a stunning backdrop.


7 Ways To Use Mockups - Quotes & Sayings
7 Ways To Use Mockups - Quotes & Sayings


5: Social Media Feeds

Show off your Instagram tiles in a smartphone on a beautiful desk layout, or entice your Instagram followers to check you out on Pinterest by showing a preview of your feed in a beautifully styled, branded mock-up


7 Ways To Use Mockups - Social Media Feeds

6: Sale or Promotion Notices

Having a massive giveaway, offer or sale? Showcase it differently by overlaying your promotion on a tablet or smartphone mock-up for instance. Or maybe you just want to use a nice scripted font on a notebook? Look unique and authentic and get followers to your shop.

7 Ways To Use Mockups - Sales & Promos


7: Headshot

It can be hard when you’re introverted to promote yourself online. If you’re camera-shy as well it makes it even harder. The beauty of mock-ups mean whilst you’re the ‘main’ focus of the image, you’re not the ‘only’ focus. For instance, stick a headshot in a frame mock-up and blend yourself in beautifully with your brand style – combine it with a caption about your morning work routine and you have an informative & helpful social media post whilst allowing your followers see who you are in a branded, professional way.


7 Ways To Use Mockups - Headshots

There’s loads more uses, but these are a few of the strongest ways you can use mock-ups for your marketing to create maximum engagement and beautiful, branded visuals.

How do you use Mock-Ups?

It depends, some require Adobe Photoshop or similar to insert the design. Others require something like Canva to overlay your message on top. The great news is Photoshop can be very affordable, and Canva is free!

You’ll often find smart-object mock-up files come with instructions to guide you through each step as well. There’s tutorials in the Tide & Tree library for all members! There’s also tutorials and more mock-up posts here.

Thanks for reading! Before you go, comment below and let me know what you use mock-ups for!

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7 Ways to Use Mockups

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  2. Charlie says:

    I would love to do that Marianne! So glad you liked it, your tutorial was a brilliant eye-opener for me I’d never heard of that platform before! 🙂

  3. Marianne says:

    Love this post! I think I might need something similar over on my blog one day. And I feel very tempted not to write it myself but invite you over to write a guest post… 😉
    Thank you so much for including me and my tutorial!

  4. Bethany Wade says:

    These are all fantastic ways to use mock-ups. The headshot is especially brilliant! My creative thoughts are flowing right now!

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