10 Social Media Posts in Under 10 Minutes a Day

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Do you find it difficult to ‘batch’ produce your social media content creation?
Are you struggling to find enough visual content to begin with?

Maybe you can scramble together your logo, a couple of freebie stock pics, the odd few pictures of you that you can bear to publish, your logo again…you get the picture.

The issue is you can’t just post pictures of your products and logo on a constant loop. And even though I’m a stock photographer, I don’t recommend you fill your feed with stock pictures. You need to show up more in my feed. Not necessarily pictures of you, but aspects of your life. Whilst the professional side of your businesses can be portrayed through beautiful stock photography & product pictures, you also need to create a ‘bank‘ of personal content to compliment it. 

Just imagine having tons of images to choose from when scheduling your social media posts! Never having to worry about those last minute posts again, all whilst offering your readers true value and a glimpse into your life, rather than every post being ‘sell, sell, sell’. (Note; it should be serve, serve, sell!)

So, here are 10 social media post ideas you can capture and store away in under 10 minutes a day. Think of it like you’re creating a ‘Content-Bank’! And better yet, they don’t include having to post pictures of you (you’re welcome, introverts!)

1: Meals

Yeah I don’t do the ‘take-a-picture-of-everything-I-eat’ thing. I’m always too hungry. Whenever I’m dining out and I’m served a beautiful plate of food, I have a fleeting moment of ‘I should photograph this’ before the fork is in my hand and I’ve torn it apart. It never stood a chance.

But if I can hold back for a minute or two, stick my camera or iPhone over it and snap away, I’d have some lovely content to share with my followers. Whether it’s posting about a special occasion, an evening out, a healthy (or unhealthy) breakfast, or just a new recipe I’ve tried.

Possible pictures to capture in a day: 3

2: Meal Prep

Remembering it’s the journey not the destination, pause momentarily in your meal prep and take a picture of your progress. Whether it’s as simple as pouring milk on your cereal, or finely chopping an onion. It’s great as a balance between personal and business life, and it can be quite a humorous post if it ain’t going too well. Cue me in pretty much all cooking-related activity.

Possible pictures to capture in a day: 3

3: Your View

Maybe you have a garden or a terrace to look out on. Or perhaps a balcony with a view of a city. Regardless of your view, I bet there’s some creative way you can snap the view from your workspace. Whether it’s overcast, stormy, rainy, sunny or icy – snap it, bank it and use it to convey your mood in a future post.

Possible pictures to capture in a day: 1

4: Your Shoes

Heading out in a heatwave? Trekking into some muddy fields with your dog? Find a creative way to capture your footwear before or after you’ve put them on. It’s those details that showcase your personal life in such an engaging way, whilst not having to constantly post selfies.

Store it away and share something nostalgic in the future or do a ‘What-I-did-this-weekend’ kinda post. These shots also work really well with quotes, messages and uplifting captions any time of year.

Possible pictures to capture in a day: 1

5: Screenshot Your Project

Show your followers what you’re working on, and give them a ‘sneak-preview’. Or perhaps share a screenshot of your homepage to remind them how beautiful your website is. It can often cause a surge of traffic and it’s a great work-related post to stick in your feed to balance out the personal stuff.

Possible pictures to capture in a day: 2

6: Your Sofa

Yeah this one is a bit odd I guess. I can’t do this one myself just yet as our sofa is not that photogenic… it’s old, rented and not that comfy. But when I see other people post a picture of their sofa, with a blanket draped over it and a book there ready to delve into, I just swoon.

You can choose if you want to be in it or not, but just conveying to your readers what your personal space means to you can be a very engaging post. Maybe it’s not a sofa but a bench on your porch or your front door steps, or a big comfy chair in your hallway. Wherever you ‘switch-off’, make it look as cosy as you can and capture it.

Possible pictures to capture in a day: 1

7: Your Morning Routine

You can get a few pictures out of this one to be honest. I have quite a few different kinds of morning routines which I can effortlessly capture. Yoga, morning walks and reading to name a few. What moments in your morning routine can you capture? Maybe you walk your dog, go for a bike-ride, or take a relaxing bath. Pause for a moment, capture the essence of what that means to you, and store it up in your content-bank.

Possible pictures to capture in a day: 3

8: Your Tools & Equipment

Show off your tools! Capture your brushes, pens, fabrics and anything else you use to create your products. Or perhaps you offer a service like me, therefore you may have camera and lighting equipment etc. Go behind the scenes and show off how you create your awesome products and services. It’s great for letting potential customers see how you work and the dedication you put into creating your products or services.

Possible pictures to capture in a day: 2

9: Your Greenery

Nothing like showing off a bit of nature in your feed. Whether it’s the tree in your garden or the succulent in your kitchen, find a unique way to photograph the greenery in your place. Maybe you’ve picked up some beautiful flowers lately, or had some bought for you! Take a close-up or frame them against a wall. Or as part of your daily walk or commute, snap any beautiful greenery you see on the way!

Possible pictures to capture in a day: 2

10: Your Takeaway Coffee

If you often commute or work outside the home, take a picture of your morning fuel. It’s possibly 2-3 extra pictures you can grab of your morning or afternoon pick-me-up every week. In light of trying to reduce my plastic intake, I’ve just gone an ordered one of these KeepCups which has come highly recommended, and will look super awesome for various social media posts! Plus I’ve ordered the 8oz one as I’m a flat white addict. 

Not only can you share your environmental dedication, but it also gives you a variety of different backdrops to shoot your coffee cup against. Whether it’s outside your office, overlooking a beautiful park or with your head in a book on the train.

Possible pictures to capture in a day: 1

Pictures in your Content-Bank after one week: up to 95!

Bottom line

It is possible that in under 10 minutes a day you can create up to 95 images or more to store away in your Content-Bank in one week. They don’t have to be edited to perfection right away, just simply stored for now. Then as part of your weekly or monthly content-creation you can edit them, brand them, and schedule them in!

And if you combine the images you can capture above along with professional stock photography, you’ve got an incredible social media presence in the making!

How do you capture your everyday life in your business? Share in the comments below!


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