Why you need a ‘Ta-daaaa List!’ (Jazz Hands Optional)

You may remember Louise of BettyLouOnline writing an awesome guest post a while back about how to hold yourself accountable to get more done?

Well she’s back! And this time the productivity EXPERT is here with a reminder of why it’s important to celebrate the victories in your day. No matter how small (or how few), using your ‘Ta-daaa’ list. (Yes I’ve done it, and yes, it works!)

So, over to Louise!

If you’ve ever given yourself a hard time because you didn’t manage to achieve All The Things in a day, this is for you. 

Even when we’ve had a full, focused day, we high achievers often have an in-built tendency to fixate on the 10% that didn’t get done rather than the 90% that did.

And, strange as it might seem, that fixation can actually hinder our productivity.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Let’s imagine that two people, Ermintrude and Florence, spend a day in exactly the same way. Their to-do lists are the same and by 6pm they’ve both achieved the same amount.

Ermintrude ends the day feeling pleasantly tired and satisfied with the work she’s done. She’s happy to shut down her computer, chill out and relax with her family before getting a good night’s sleep.

Florence, on the other hand, can’t stop thinking about everything that’s still left to do. She finds it hard to switch off, returning to her computer a few times during the evening. But she’s so frazzled that she makes very little progress despite the faffing.

If I asked Ermintrude if she’d had a productive day, she’d say yes. But Florence? Berating herself for not doing more, her answer would be no. And yet they both did exactly the same amount of work.

If you often feel like Florence, the good news is that this tip can help by forcing … ahem … gently encouraging you to shift your perspective. 

Flex your positivity muscles and write a daily Ta-da List!

At the end of the day put aside your to-do list and anything left undone, and make a list of everything you’ve achieved that day. 

Allow yourself to bask in the glow of your own fabulousness.

Give yourself credit.

Focus on the positives, even if you feel you’ve had a bad day. 

For instance, “took a nap when I was too exhausted to concentrate” is an achievement not a failure. It was absolutely the best thing you could have done for yourself and your productivity at the time.

“Completed rough draft of blog post” is an achievement not a failure, even if your intention had been to finish the whole thing. You still took a step in the right direction, so celebrate that instead of criticising yourself for not meeting your (possibly unrealistic?) expectations.

The bottom line

Notice how it feels to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments, however small, and make writing a Ta-da List a regular part of your evening routine. Be like Ermintrude: feel good about what you’ve achieved, switch off and relax, ready for whatever new adventure awaits tomorrow!

Do you celebrate your successes in your day? Or do you focus on what you’ve not achieved instead? Comment below with your thoughts!

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