My 5 Super Mindful, Super Productive Daily Routines
For an awesome work week

My 5 Super mindful, super productive daily routines (for an awesome work week) © Tide & Tree

Hey everyone!

(Or more realistically for my very first blog post…Hey Mum!)

Well, it’s here! The Tide & Tree website has finally launched, and along with it, the first entry in the blog. I did debate with myself for a long time whether to even start a blog because, let’s be honest, there are blogs everywhere these days, and finding your own voice in an already overcrowded room is never easy. Especially if the thought of actually getting the rooms attention seems utterly terrifying.

You see, I am by nature an introvert. I’m not comfortable shouting, “Hey everybody look at me!”, but the reality is that to have your own business you have to be confident in yourself and your business, and you have to make your voice heard. That means I’ve had to overcome this personal obstacle: the fear of public speaking (in a virtual sense, anyway). 

It wasn’t easy. It still isn’t. But I’m challenging myself to be proud of who I am and what I do. I know I’m not the only person who faces this challenge so one of the purposes of this blog is to help me, and anyone else out there who feels the same, to overcome our shyness and become able to shout about our uniquely beautiful selves and our uniquely beautiful brands.

And do you know what, when I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone I realised I’ve actually got plenty to share with you. After all, I’m on a journey building this business, and I’m learning a heck of a lot of stuff along the way. I’ve had to figure out how I manage this venture, and by extension, how I manage myself. 

This blog is an opportunity for me to talk openly about how I try to ensure that when I work, I work with intent. About how I try to reduce stress, fatigue and exhaustion. About how I find joy and a sense of accomplishment in what I do. I’m going to be honest throughout and I’ll discuss the errors I’ve made along the way. I hope that by doing this can help you overcome similar obstacles with what you’re doing.

And that’s the stuff I want to talk about here.

How be mindfully productive, content confident and business happy. To help you. And to help me. 

So here we are, blog post number one. After months of late nights and early mornings the Tide & Tree website has finally gone live. I’m super excited and proud, but I’m also exhausted.

The way I’ve worked, particularly these past two weeks, has not been helpful to my wellbeing. I’ve barely slept, I’ve cried (sometimes just because my coffee went cold – seriously), I’ve allowed myself to be consumed by one task to the point I wasn’t really moving any other aspect of my business forward, which just left me feeling burnt out and frustrated. My business and my wellbeing both suffered because of this. Which is why blog post number one is about something that is as much for my benefit as I hope it will be for yours.


As counter-intuitive as it might seem, I want to start my blog about effective ways to work by talking about what to do when you’re not actually working. You see, our productivity can be impacted by so many factors, and so if you want to make the most out of those hours you’ve scheduled for actually working I’ve found it’s invaluable to set yourself up in the best possible way by consciously choosing what you do in the time before, during and after work.

Whether you work for yourself or not, the benefits of having effective routines is incredible. You accomplish more, produce higher quality work and feel energised at the end of the day.

Below I’ve listed five routines that I choose from every working day. I apply these as a way to counteract specific moods that all too easily crop up and that I know will, if I let them, ruin my productivity.

Firstly, a few quick points:

  1. It’s routines, not routine. These routines target the enemies of productivity, and those enemies don’t have a timetable for when they’ll appear. So just because a routine worked well one Monday doesn’t mean it will work the same every Monday. You need to vary and adapt for what your mood and energy levels are telling you.
  2. Find what works for you. I love yoga and so it is quite prominent in a lot of my routines. That doesn’t mean you have to do yoga as well (although I do highly recommend it).
  3. These are for your working days. At weekends I’d encourage no routines, where possible. Whilst structure is great for a productive work week, you need to balance it out on your days off with a bit of spontaneity,or just bingeing box sets all day – we’ve all done it.
  4. If you are in a position where your day is influenced by other factors (ie. you’re a parent) I’d recommend you adapt these routines wherever possible to help boost your productivity – an hour to help shift your mood can make all the difference!
  5. Timings. I tend to work 08:30 till 16:30, with an hours lunch at 12:00. This can be adjusted to what suits you. I would highlight that the time between waking (06:00 for me) and starting work is really crucial. This has the biggest influence of how your day will go. I cannot stress how important it is that you don’t jump straight out of bed and start working.

So here we are, My 5 Super Mindful, Super Productive Daily Routines

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Stretched & Focused

For when I’m feeling:

achey and fuzzy

Before Work

06:00: Up and into yoga pants, for an intense 40-50 minute yoga session, ideally focussing on stretching and balance – if you need some guidance, Yoga With Adrienne is the best, her YouTube channel is packed full of yoga videos for whatever mood you’re in.

07:00: Freshen up, get showered and dressed into real clothes – no yoga pants or pyjama bottoms!

07:30:Any chores – pots, laundry, ironing etc…

08:00: Have your breakfast whilst listening to a podcast or business-related book to wake up the mind and get your brain in gear.

08:30: Start work.


12:00: Spend some time to make a really interesting or different lunch. Getting into the kitchen for your favourite recipe or trying something new enforces the brain to refocus, often meaning if you’re struggling with a task, you come back to it more clear headed than before.

13:00 Back to work.

After Work

16:30: Head out and get some fresh air! This is a great opportunity to explore somewhere new after work, maybe a new shop that’s opened, or museum to wander around.

Before Bed

21:00: Time to slow it down. You’ve spent most of the day doing tasks that require concentration, now it’s time to balance that out with rest. Turn off the TV, put your phone away, allow your brain to quieten down. Spending time with loved ones in a quiet and still environment or simply curling up with a book or journal can be a great way to unwind and shut out the noise.

Energised & Motivated

For when I’m feeling:

sleepy and groggy

Before Work

06:00: Up, showered and out the house! Who says it’s too early? Get some fresh air and wake yourself up with a good long 30-45 min walk. Head to the park, the beach, or even just a few walks round the block. If you enjoy more vigorous exercise, head out to the gym or go for a run or swim.

07:00: Get any chores done in the house and prepare your lunch in advance.

07:30: Have your breakfast with music on – fun, happy, chilled or whatever gets you dancing.

08:00: Have some self-empowerment time! Whether it’s a book or podcast, delve into something that helps improve your confidence, or overcome your obstacles

08:30: Start work.


12:00: Get back out the house again! This time walk somewhere different to this morning – no earphones or music. It’s amazing how much more intentional you are with your work when you’re not distracting your brain with Spotify. Ideally take your prepared lunch with you and have it somewhere outside (weather permitting!).

13:00 Back to work.

After work

16:30: You guessed it, get back out the house. Go have a coffee with a friend or partner, or a cheeky drink. Go and celebrate some successes of the day, no matter how small they are.

Before Bed

21:00: Get into your yoga gear and do a relaxing 20-30 minute session before bed, designed to quieten your mind and body and get you ready for a deep sleep.

Rested & Peaceful

For when I’m feeling:

anxious and ‘on-edge’

Before Work

06:00: Start with a relaxing shower then get into yoga pants.

06:30: A really yummy 20-30 minute yoga session, full of stretches and meditation to wake you up whilst feeling peaceful and calm.

07:30: Settle down with a beverage and breakfast of your choice and your favourite book. No business books if you can, fiction or self-empowerment books are the best for feeling inspired and motivated. Me? Cup of tea and usually Harry Potter. (Currently Order of the Phoenix, if you’re interested)

08:00:Any house chores that need to be done.

08:30: Start work


12:00: Watch an episode of your favourite sitcom; you can’t go wrong with Friends or the US Office I reckon. Just have half an hour with your lunch and laugh, chuckle, relax.

13:00 Back to work.

After work

16:30: Treat yourself to something really nice, like a massage or new hair cut. Even better if you can, treat your friend, partner or family member to come too. There’s a great feeling taking someone you love out for a random afternoon tea in some random tea shop you found – it completely shifts your mind-set and gets you out of your funk, and you get to spend quality time with the people closest to you.

Before Bed

20:00 If you’re still out and about – great. If not, then have some YOU-time. Run a bath, watch your favourite film, journal, paint – this is your time to switch off, turn the phone off, get a glass of wine (or if you’re like me, a Baileys coffee…) and just chill.

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Calm & Quiet

For when I’m feeling:

overwhelmed and under-pressure

Tide & Tree | Nature-inspired stock photography teamed with a confidence boosting blog to elevate and enhance your beautifully unique brand |
Before Work

06:00: Stay in bed get an extra 30 minutes or so – give yourself permission to rest when your body calls for it and take things step by step.

06:30: Get up slowly, maybe read a book in bed for 30 minutes with a coffee and some chilled music in the background. Realise the day will start when you’re ready, and there’s no pressure to start it any earlier.

07:00: Get up and showered, and into something comfy,

07:30: Any house chores that need to be done.

08:00: Be intentional with your breakfast. Take time to do each job carefully, concentrate really hard on creating the most beautiful looking breakfast you can. And enjoy every bite.

08:30: Start work.


12:00: Get your shoes on, and go stretch your legs for half an hour. Even if it’s just to nip to the shops. Although ideally if you have a nice local park or beach to walk too, that would work better. No earphones or music, just quiet time.

12:30: Eat your lunch AWAY from the desk, and AWAY from your phone. Shut off for half an hour and read some more of a really good book.

13:00 Back to work.

After work

16:30: Close the door on your office or put your laptop away, settle back down on the sofa with something really good to read (or listen to an audiobook or podcast!). Notice how relaxed you feel when you take things step by step.

Before Bed

21:00 Make time for a fulfilling hobby; hopefully by now you’re feeling less overwhelmed, so use this time to turn off the TV and settle down to read, play games, do a jigsaw, draw, paint, sew; ideally something that doesn’t keep the brain too active so you can drift into a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Creative & Fresh

For when I’m feeling:

stuck or lacking in ideas

Before Work

06:00: Get up, showered and dressed into real clothes – no yoga pants!

06:30: Do something that you find difficult but interesting. I love astronomy and physics, but I find it hard to understand. So for me, this involves working through some physics problems or reading up on theories. It forces your brain to quieten down the noise and zero in on the task at hand.

07:30: Have a super healthy breakfast whilst listening to a business-related podcast.

08:00: Any house chores that need to be done.

08:30: Start work.


12:00: Get into your yoga pants for an intense 15-20 minute strength building yoga session.

12:30: Freshen up and eat your prepared lunch away from your desk, ideally if you have a garden and the weather permits, eat there! Notice the smells, sights and noises around you.

13:00 Back to work.

After work

16:30: Get out and go for a power walk, jog, run, cycle or even better if you’re able – go for a swim! There’s nothing like a refreshing swim to waken your senses and get your creative juices flowing.

Before Bed

21:00: Curl up with your favourite fiction book or audiobook and switch off, or do some journalling if that’s your thing. Allowing yourself to get caught up in your favourite fiction book allows you to more easily think outside the box with ideas and solution solving.

And there you have it! Do you have any favourites you’ve tried or a routine of your own?

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