How to Create a Tiled Instagram Feed
Using Adobe Photoshop

Tiled IG feed using PS © Tide & Tree

I’ve had a few requests asking how I create my tiled IG feed. It’s a stunning feed pattern to use because you can create weeks worth of beautiful posts all ready to slot in together, and your feed will just look stronger and stronger the more you do it. (Unless you’re like me and you change the design every other week….)

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This kind of design is what I’m going to help you create today:

Tiled IG feed using PS © Tide & Tree

The end result on IG looks like this:

Tiled IG feed using PS - IG © Tide & Tree

Not too shabby eh?

I’m going to talk about Photoshop as this is what I use to create my tiles. I’m looking at ways you can create tiles with free software such as Canva also, so I should have a post about that method very soon!

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The Photoshop Method

This requires a basic understanding of Photoshop, but it is a relatively easy technique to master. You can get the Create Cloud membership including PS and Lightroom for about £10 a month; and depending on how often you’ll use it, it can be an insanely cheap investment to having industry leading design software at your fingertips.

1: Create a new document

Make it 9000 x 9000 pixels in size.

2: Draw your boxes

Draw a series of square and rectangle shapes where you want your images to fit in, leaving a small and even gap of around 70-80 pixels. Photoshop is helpful in that whilst you’re moving your objects, it should assist you to ‘lock’ them into the right position and ensure the gap is even on all sides by highlighting this to you.

For instance, the dimensions for the following layout leave a gap of around 80 pixels and are laid out quite nicely to fit 7 images:

Number 1: 3690 x 2569 pixels
Number 2: 5230 x 2569 pixels
Number 3: 5230 x 3706 pixels
Number 4: 3690 x 3706 pixels
Number 5: 2570 x 2565 pixels
Number 6: 3700 x 2565 pixels
Number 7: 2570 x 2565 pixels

(To alter the dimensions once you’ve drawn your shape, draw any size and release your cursor, then head up to the dimensions box on the top toolbar, pictured below, and enter your required dimensions)

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 2 © Tide & Tree

3: Name your layers

You’ll find it easier to label each layer as per the below image, or whatever you would like to help you locate the right box.

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 3 © Tide & Tree

4: Convert the layers

Right click on each layer and select ‘Convert to Smart Object’. There’ll be a little icon that appears in the bottom right of each layer thumbnail once you’ve done it.

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 4 © Tide & Tree

5: Save your template

Save this as a PSD template so you can create future posts with ease.

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 5 © Tide & Tree

6: The fun part!

Now double click on the first layer thumbnail and it will open that box in a new window.

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 6 © Tide & Tree

7: Insert your image

Open your desired image, and drag the layer into the new file you’ve just opened. Just hit release when your cursor is over the tab and it will drop a copy of that image straight into your new smart object window.

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 7 © Tide & Tree

8: Adjust and resize

Head on over to your smart object layer, position and resize the image until your happy, then save it and close the window. Your template file will now have replaced the blank box with your image!

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 8 © Tide & Tree

9: Repeat the above two steps

Repeat for each layer until you’re happy with the intended look.

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 9 © Tide & Tree

10: Now we slice it up like a hot, delicious pizza!

Click and hold on the crop tool until a little menu of other crop options appear. At the bottom will be the slice select tool – drag your cursor to that one and release to change the mouse to a little pen knife symbol. Click once anywhere on the document.

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 10 © Tide & Tree

11: Divide it up

Up at the top, hit divide. A little box will come up and ask how you’d like to divide this image. Divide by 3 horizontally and vertically and hit ok. You’ll see thin blue lines neatly dividing your image into 9 square pics. This gives you a great preview of what each individual image will look like, leading me nicely onto the next point…

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 11 © Tide & Tree


Never forget once we’ve ‘sliced’ this image into 9 square pics for Instagram, each of the 9 square pictures will be posted in order to create the tiled look. So it’s helpful at this stage to zoom in and make sure each of the grids look like a nice image in their own right. Case in point…

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 12 © Tide & Tree

13: Get it web-ready

Change any images that don’t look good when sliced, and once you’re happy, go to File, Export, Save for Web.

Settings can vary here depending on your preferences, but I select JPEG at the top, quality around 60, and then down at the bottom I resize to 1000 x 1000. (This will ensure each image is sized to 1000 x 1000 pixels when it slices it up.) Hit save and locate where you want them saved to, hit save again and it will bundle them all in a folder in that location!

Tiled IG feed using PS Step 13 © Tide & Tree

14: Upload ready for posting!

You can then load them manually if you like, in the right order, ready for posting. Use a cloud service like Adobe Creative Cloud to get the images from your computer to your phone).

Or use something like Tailwind to schedule them up for auto-posting! Make sure you do schedule them in order, for instance in the below image you’ll want to schedule number 7 to post first, and go backwards in that order.

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Tiled IG feed using PS Step 14 © Tide & Tree

15: Last step!

Add your caption and hashtag and voila – in about 15 minutes you’ve created a weeks worth of beautiful instagram marketing!

Obviously you can change the boxes around and create new tile patterns to suit you!

(I usually select all the layers, and then hold ctrl+t to put a big control box round it all, then hold shift and rotate 90 degrees. This way it’s already laid out but in a slightly different style!)

There you have it! Have you tried this method? Or do you have your own technique? Share your thoughts, comments and inspiring IG feeds below! 

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