Five Awesome Things About November

5 Awesome Things About November © Tide & Tree

I have many favourite times of year, for many different reasons. For instance, I love the first smells of freshly cut grass in the Spring. Or the longer nights of Summer. And I adore the smell of suncream and barbecues. But nothing, I repeat nothing, is quite as lovely in my opinion as the start of the Autumn/Winter season. So here is why November deserves credit of its own right, as the beautiful time of year that it is.

Naturally October gets a lot of credit as there’s Halloween (and my birthday). December is quite clearly a front runner as we’ve got the Holidays, New Year and basically, all the food. But I find November often gets overlooked. It feels like a month to skip through to get to the good stuff of Christmas markets and festive films. I’m here to stand up for November, and below are my top 5 reasons why I love it so much!

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5 Awesome Things About November No 1 - It's Cosy © Tide & Tree

1: It’s cosy

In the UK, October can sometimes still get the odd annoying heatwave – which I personally can do without. I’m done with summer, craving the chill in the air and the sight of my breath on a cold morning. Which is why November is the true Autumnal season. The last of the warmer days are behind us for the year, and we can wear our jumpers and scarves proudly, instead of over-heating in some random heatwave October weekend. Time for layers, hot chocolate and red noses.

5 Awesome Things About November No 2 - You can Rest © Tide & Tree

2: You can rest

By November, the darker nights and mornings make way for deeper, better quality sleep than the longer days of the Summer months. I often find I feel much better rested as a result. Plus, I don’t know about you, but a cooler night is way more comfortable than tossing and turning in some mad summer heatwave craving for some air conditioning.

5 Awesome Things About November No 3 - It's beautiful © Tide & Tree

3: It’s beautiful

Because the weathers turned colder and the warmer days are behind us, the true colours of Autumn really come out. The landscape photographer in me is itching to get out with the camera and catch that early morning mist over the hills. Or head out for a hike to pick out the array of colours in the trees. There’s so many beautiful walks and hikes in the UK, and by November, it’s usually much quieter than the peak Summer season, meaning you get to enjoy a far more beautiful view with less crowds.

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5 Awesome Things About November No 4 - It's exciting © Tide & Tree

4: It’s exciting

The shops have started to decorate for the holidays, the classic festive films are appearing all over TV, the mince pies are in the shops. And it doesn’t feel as inappropriate to have a cheeky Baileys before 1pm anymore… Yes by the time the Christmas week comes round it’s kind of been going on too long. But I don’t care – I love the excitement of the season and that we get to enjoy it for a while instead of just a fortnight.

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5 Awesome Things About November No 5 - Quiet reflection © Tide & Tree

5: Quiet reflection

The madness of Halloween has died down, Christmas is round the corner and then before you know it, it’s a New Year. I often find it’s November where I feel I can reflect on the year that’s passed, and look forward to the new one. It’s a perfectly quiet, still time to refocus and reprioritise. You can set new goals and challenges, not just professional, but personal also.

So there you have it! My favourite things about November. What are your favourite things about this month? Share in the comments below!

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