The Mission

Who am I?

Charlie | Tide & Tree | Nature-inspired stock photography teamed with a confidence boosting blog to elevate and enhance your beautifully unique brand |

Just a yoga-attempting,day-dreaming photographer

Yep. That’s me! Fuelled by flat whites and chilled nights (ah that rhymed!) I love to create beautiful stock photography that helps creative business owners and entrepreneurs shine authentically, neutrally and with integrity. Living in Manchester with my gorgeous man Kieran, I’m often found in yoga pants, drinking Baileys coffees way too early in the day, bingeing on Houzz searching for our dream home in the country. Oh and I go by many names, including Charlie, Charlotte, Chaz, Char & Charles.

calling all socially-awkward introverts….

You’ll be pleased to know you’re not alone here! Aside from basically embarrassing myself in nearly every social interaction possible on a daily basis, one of my biggest struggles as a business owner was opening up online and sharing my story, and now the Tide & Tree blog will serve to help you overcome the shy-ness and shout out about your uniquely beautiful self and your uniquely beautiful brand. It’s new, it’s raw, and I think you’ll love it.

Charlie | Tide & Tree | Nature-inspired stock photography teamed with a confidence boosting blog to elevate and enhance your beautifully unique brand |

Things I need in my life...

My Story

Born in not-so-sunny Blackpool on the North West coast of the UK, I grew up listening to my dads tales of adventure and travel as a maritime engineer, and watching my mum take on a small business and dominate our local town with balloon decorations and wedding stationery. Between the two of them, they filled me with the desire to run my own life, create my own freedom and have my own adventures. It’s not been without struggle, pain and years of the 9-5 grind, but slowly I created, carved, designed and forged my own path through a love of photography, design and chocolate. And now I want to serve you and your business with nature-inspired stock photography styled to be neutral, graceful and authentic, and help you through a community-centred blog to showcase yourself in your uniquely beautiful way.

My Journey

Post High School

Left school and immediately went to work for a Graphic Designer whilst I worked out what to do with myself. Learnt a lot. Made a lot of coffee. Found my passion for photography.


Where the love for photography grew, and my future was set – just not until I’d paid off my overdraft…. Originally my passion was landscapes and nature and in many ways, still is.


Moving all the way down to actually-sunny Cornwall to study Natural History and Marine Photography, obtaining a First Class BA (Hons). Learnt how to boil eggs.


Spent around 7 years in the 9-5, because I needed security/more time/more knowledge was too scared to try. Finally took the plunge in 2016 and I’ve never looked back!

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